discovery – post partum

The baby and I have had a couple quiet days (for the most part) so far this week, and it hit me: this is what recovery should be like!  Quiet, peaceful, slow moving, no agenda or list of things to do other than take care of this baby and myself.  We helped get my husband and the kiddos off this morning, and then the two of us hung out, ate, slept, and enjoyed being together.  Yes, it does help that the pain is beginning to subside, but just being together quietly was definitely needed. 

Why didn’t I realize this with the other 2?  After the birth of our first I was so in over my head with the new task of motherhood, and my son did not like to be put down.  I felt like i had no schedule that i truly craved, so after 2 weeks, i went back to work.  With the baby. 

My daughter had been born late in the afternoon, but early the next morning we were off to the hospital for her “baby well check”, bilirubin test, my rogam shot, and her pku.  The morning turned into a whole day at the hospital, then a couple days in addition to that.  It was too much. 

So with number three i knew I didn’t want to go to the hospital right away.  That i needed to rest and that this baby needed to eat and sleep.  So far, no jaundice.  Sometimes it’s better to just take care of the simple things and ignore all of the technological mambo jumbo that can (at times) do more harm that good. 

Keeping life simple: a nearly perfect recipe for happiness and health. 

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