delight – dads

 A couple months ago, we were celebrating my sister’s college graduation.  My Dad pulled me aside and told me that he’d brought me a Father’s Day present to give to my husband.  “You’re going to be busy with the arrival of this new baby, and I thought this might give you one less thing to think about.”  What a Dad!  I thought it was so sweet at the time, but this morning I was just so grateful that he is my Dad and that he was so concerned about my husband and I on Father’s Day. 

As for my husband, what a Super Dad he has been this week.  Not only did he help me selflessly through the birth of our third, but he has been soo keenly aware of each of our family member’s needs these past few days (including my mother’s).  I hardly have had to tell him that I need something.  He is usually there before I get a chance or realize what it is that I am needing.  He has this sweet calm way of doing things and I’m just so grateful to have him.  I love the way that he looks at the baby: eyes full of love, joy, and that pride of a Father. 

Happy Father’s Day.  I love you both tremendously!

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