discovery – baby hawk

Three kiddos & three carriers later, I think I’ve finally found the perfect baby carrier! 

My sister-in-law let me borrow a carrier when i had my first, and soon found it to be heaven sent.  My son enjoyed being close, so i learned to cook and clean with him on my back.  In the evenings, my husband and i would take turns carrying him in the backpack as we hiked near our home.  I’d been given a beautiful handmade sling, but i prefer the evenly distributed weight when using a carrier. 

We bought our own just before our second was born.  It worked for a while, but my daughter grew much quicker than her older brother, and the plastic straps just didn’t cut it (or did they…right into my chest and waist :)). 

So I’d basically given up until I started noticing the soft baby carriers.  I’d seen Baby Hawkonline, along with a couple others, but couldn’t make a decision till I saw a Mom in the Costco wearing hers.   Not only was her’s beautiful, but it looked comfortable on she and her toddler.  She was very happy to talk about her fabulous carrier: that she’d picked her own fabric, and could even carry her older daughter in it as well. 

Mine arrived earlier this week.  Like the mom in the Costco, I chose my own fabric.  I chose to pay extra to have an additional fabric and the reversible option, as well as a pocket put into the carrier.  My mom and I tried it on my pregnant belly.  Can’t wait to use it with my newest son.  I think we’ll really enjoy using it, and it’s made with enough fabric that my husband will be able to use it.  Thank you Baby Hawk!

16 thoughts on “discovery – baby hawk

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  13. Great review. I have a babyhawk carrier and love it! I decided on the carrier after seeing it on a mom in Publix. She too was willing to answer all of my questions as we perused the grocery!!

    • Oh, that’s awesome :). Doesn’t it just make your life easier?! It was heaven sent for our lil’ family. 🙂

  14. I agree- the href=””>babyhawk baby carrier is from the heavens above- and the fabric I chose is so cute=)

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