The Daily Delights: discovery, development & delight

As I struggle to find balance between my personal growth and that of being a wife and mother, I find myself gravitating towards these three goals.  I find that as I give myself time each day and try to achieve something in each of the three areas, there is a power that follows.  Strength comes:

  • strength to be a happier mom and spouse
  • a more positive attitude in general
  • an increase in patience
  • the ability to be a kinder mom
  • excitement from learning and achieving
  • development of hidden talents
  • in general: a feeling of joy


It has been a rebirth for me as a woman.  It’s so easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone in our lives…other than ourselves.  Making time for me as well as those I care for helps me be a better mom, spouse, and friend.  I find myself truly enjoying each day.  As I work and play hard with my kiddos I know that the afternoon will be for me and will enjoy them even more. 


As nap time approaches, I fed them, read to them, and off they go to slumber.  It is then that I focus on my own delights.  Each category requires time.  I decide how much time I spend on each one, knowing that balance will come as I give even just a little time to each. 


Discovery: learning or discovering something new every day

  • a great find on the Internet (dress on sale, furniture you love…)
  • reading something you want to learn more about
  • self discovery: learning about yourself
  • read an article about a personal passion/interest
  • taking the time to ponder about what you really want
  • finding inspiration for future goals/projects

my current discovery goals: green architecture, green living, no traditional/natural health, parenting, healthy cooking


Development: developing a goal or talent: creating


  • learning a new skill
  • expanding a current talent/skill
  • working on a craft/project
  • creating within the arts: paint/draw/write/sew/culinary, etc.
  • create or make a new dish/recipe
  • where I create those inspirational finds


my current development goals: creating new dishes using homemade pesto, making homemade granola, marinating, bread making, painting more still life, all sorts of craft projects, creating with my children, this blog


Delight: doing something specific for you that makes you happy…a guilty pleasure perhaps


  • a walk alone, with a friend, your kids/a loved one
  • working out
  • a special treat to the patisserie
  • treatment at the spa, pedicure, etc.
  • reading a favorite book or magazine
  • writing/blog/poetry, etc.
  • calling a friend
  • listening to some favorite music
  • a good tub or soak
  • emailing/leaving a message on Facebook, etc.
  • catching up on your favorite show/episode you missed on the Internet


my current delight goals: pondering more, reading 15 minutes a day of my latest good read, reading my scriptures, blogging, walking, more daily gratitude, finding new music that helps me relax, reading uplifting articles, sitting alone in the sunshine, walking, writing memories, keeping better track of friends



Tell me what you think…will you accept the challenge with me to find joy in your life?  What are your goals?  Will you make the time?  Where do you find joy and what delights are you currently seeking?  Choose one, two, or all three categories…set some goals, and start finding that joy each day that you deserve!  And let me know how it goes :).

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