4 thoughts on “development – painting chloé’s blessing ensemble part three: the dress hem

  1. I don’t know how I could pick a favorite but…maybe the sleeve. I don’t know. I love them all. You are so talentead. What I want to know is how you manage your time so well to do a fabulous daily delight with your kiddos each day, cook fabulous, uber-healthy meals from scratch AND have time to paint and blog?? Do you have a secret that adds a few hours to each day?

  2. A toss up for me between the bonnet and the hem of the dress. I hope I have first dibs on buying all three of course! I love the folds in the fabric on the hem of the dress. There is something so sweet/tender and sentimental for me in the last one you painted.

  3. I know that I don’t comment very much, but I am a faithful reader. How talented you are! I couldn’t pick a favorite; they are all amazing.

  4. Ladies,

    So happy that you like them…I’ve really enjoyed my time painting them. I love painting buildings/barns, but painting baby things makes life sweeter somehow…

    Thanks for your questions, hope that my latest theory post helps (You’re not the only one who has asked. 🙂 I hope others leave comments, because I think we can all take something from other momma’s secrets). xoxo

    The hem is almost dry, and then they will be flying your way. I loved what you wrote about the hem painting. luvs!

    Your faithful reading makes me feel like royalty. I admire and love you so much. xoxo

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