theory – live like alex

Please go out there and do. Live. Don’t be the same as yesterday. Don’t live vicariously online. Don’t use language that has no meaning or talk ideas you don’t really live. Don’t hide. Don’t copy others or live their ideas or life. Don’t fear doing your thing. Don’t fear doing…

…Dream big, work harder. Have lots of fun, lift a finger, do something for someone else…

…Live with a light heart. Play more. Remember what it’s like to be seven…

…Do. I can’t stress that one enough. Take action on your life. Make the change. No more sulking, waiting, thinking, reading, talking about. It’s time. You’re ready…

Just a few nuggets from Alex Beauchamp’s personal manifesto.  If you are feeling inspired, read the whole entry here.  Alex is amazing, thought provoking, inspiring…enjoy!

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