a bit about me & the daily delights

Just another gal looking for a moment of joy each day.  Trying to daily celebrate my family, who I love dearly.  Abundantly blessed with a wonderful husband and three darling kiddos, trying to constantly fill my soul so I can be the wife and mother I desire.   My husband and I have been married  4 years and I’m still learning something new about he and our relationship each day.  My life is busy feeding, changing, potty training, teaching, and enjoying our three kiddos three and under.

Growing up in Orange County definitely had it’s excitement and perks.  During college, I found my travel bug.  Much of who I am and what I love were developed while learning aways from home.  Though I adore traveling, I am completely satisfied to be living in a small town up in the mountains, near lakes, ski resorts, and beauty everywhere.  For me, it has been an ideal place to raise our family.

As much as I adore my kiddos, pregnancy has been such a trial for me.  I am sick almost the entire time.  With a bone disease that put me through several surgeries as a child and on osteoporosis supplements at age 29, it is difficult to fight the physical pain from gaining and carrying so much weight, as well as the depression that comes.  It’s so hard on my husband and I’ve tried to be stronger, more positive with each pregnancy.  Each day during my recent and third pregnancy the kiddos and I played hard during the morning and as they napped I tried to do something I enjoyed.  It was great at first, but soon I was getting sicker and my body was falling apart. 

At 30 weeks my body went into pre-term labor.  After a few episodes, I decided to get checked out.  I was experiencing braxton hicks throughout each day, and though they say it is normal to have more of these contractions the more children you have, my energy and patience was failing.  Fortunately the baby was just fine and it was just my body that was doing poorly.  But something had to change if I was going to have a full-term baby, naturally born at home

I’ve always been an independent person, and being the eldest of 6 I’m sure is partially the cause.  That, and being a particularly stubborn person; I like to do things myself, and my way.  Soon I realized that I would have to ask for help.  It was humbling to have to ask for help with my two kiddos, and realize that I physically could not do it myself.  Yet, it was a great lesson to learn. 

Through it all, I knew that I needed to find some joy each day in order to endure the trial.  I’ve always been a journal-er, so blogging is a particular delight for me.  I’ve started several blogs, but found that organizing my goals into one blog and making sense of this whole experience needed to happen.  This site is a place for me to set, record, and assess my goals.  

I know i’m not the only gal out there struggling or trying to find joy.  Finding my daily delights, striving to develop my talents, and discovering new ones has helped me to endure my trials; to see the good and strength that can come if we allow ourselves to grow.  Join me on this journey.  I promise a great adventure.  )

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